Alphapark Accommodation Limited Quality bespoke affordable supported accommodation for marginalised groups. ICO. Registered A not for profit organisation
Alphapark Accommodation LimitedQuality bespoke affordable supportedaccommodation for marginalised groups.ICO. RegisteredA not for profit organisation          

What our past and present tenants say about us

Here's what people are saying about Alphapark Accommodation Limited .


Quotes from residents past and present

Mr K.

I moved from a hostel into a shared house in Birmingham. At first i was anxious about moving into somewhere new, but my support worker helped me settle in. She introduced me to the other people i was sharing with and pretty much immmediately i felt safe and secure in my new home. I have been a resident for over 1 year with Alphapark and they have helped me with my drink issues, helped me stay away from crime, all my health problems have been sorted out and i am for once in my life receiving the correct personal benefits. 

throughout the time i have spent living with this company i cannot fault the support and accommodation i have received.




Ms D

I was given the oportunity by this provider when many providers did not even give me the oportunity to prove myself because of my crimial history. I have lived in one of their properties since autumn 2015. This is the first place i have felt secure and were the staff really understands my problems and why i had coimmitted so many crimes in the past. The help and support i have received has been great. I am about to move from a shared house into my own one bed flat. I have not committed any further crimes since moving in to here.

I am looking forward to a really bright future.





Eventhough I have moved on from Alphapark. I regularly attend the drop in service. I have found ths service to be very helpful when i have problems with understanding papaerwork or when i am feeeling down and need someone to talk to. The support staff are always very helpful and have helped me to live pretty much independantly and steered me away from committing crimes.



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